2- Front Desk and Lobby

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  1. The front desk plays a crucial role in hotels as it is responsible for various guest services, including the check-in and checkout processes, as well as addressing any guest requests or inquiries. Serving as the initial point of contact, the front desk sets the tone for a guest’s experience by creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.
  2. In all hotels, you’ll find a convenient shop or market located in the lobby, providing guests with easy access to essential items. The lobby serves as a waiting area for guests while their rooms are being cleaned. It’s a bustling space where guests gather to engage in conversations, creating a lively atmosphere. Additionally, the lobby often doubles as a leisure center, offering a place for relaxation where guests can enjoy delicious food and refreshing drinks. Whether it’s a quick snack, a forgotten toiletry, or a chance to unwind, the lobby provides a versatile and welcoming environment for guests to meet their needs and make the most of their stay.
  3. There is restaurant in the lobby to serve breakfast, lunch, or dinner. There is a bar along with a bartender to serve drinks. 
  4. The hotel main offices such as sales office, General manager office, admin office is usually located in the ground floor close to the hotel lobby to serve guests in a timely manner. 
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