5- Deep Cleaning

5 : 49%
  1. Every room in the hotel requires deep cleaning after a certain period of time as there are some neglected areas or hard to reach areas that needs to be cleaned. This type of cleaning is more extensive than your standard cleaning and required more attention to all corners and hard to reach areas in the room. 
  2. You use designated cloths for designated areas to increase the quality of your cleaning and leave not spots or stains on the surfaces. In some hotels separate cloths are used to clean different equipment in the rooms. 
  3. In this video you can see that two separate cloths are used to clean the front and back of the TV. 
  4. While cleaning you should remember to spray the cleaning material on to the cleaning cloth and not on the surface and some surfaces are delicate and may damage the surfaces. 
  5. Remember to put the equipment such as remote control, iron, glasses, etc. in their designated locations. You can take a picture of a cleaned room while you are getting your orientation and then use that picture to practice putting the equipment in their spots in all the rooms. 
  6. You will use a different cloth to clean the stainless steel. Check the drawers to see nothing is left behind by guest. If you find anything put it in a sealed bag, put the room number, date and your name and give it to your supervisor immediately. You will use a different cloth to clean the wood surfaces of the room. 
  7. You will pay attention while cleaning to leave no spots on the telephone, as this is one of the very first things that guests use to place their orders and if the telephone has any stains or dirty spots, it will alarm the guests that the rooms is not cleaned. And they will file complaint. 
  8. While cleaning the clock in the room, please check the time and adjust if necessary. 
  9. You will check the AC filters, clean them with the designated brush if required and put it back in its place. If filters are damaged, report that to your supervisor so that he/she would call the maintenance to take care of the AC. 
  10. You can then use the cleaning material and clean the AC surfaces. 
  11. Check and adjust the temperature of the room. 
  12. Turn off all the lights before leaving the room. 
  13. Spray the disinfectant on the rugs to make sure they are clean and have nice odor when the next guest walks in the room. Spray the room with air fresher where applicable.
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