9- Kitchen

9 : 77%
  • Every hotel has a kitchen that caters for the guest’s food requests and servers’ breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the restaurant of the hotel.
  • In the kitchen there are section allocated for cooking food (stove, gas, etc.), preparing plates, cleaning and preparing the cutlery, washing dishes, preparing meals etc. if you are stationed in the kitchen to help with washing the dishes you will be provided with orientation on the layout of the kitchen by the hotel and where you will work in cleaning and washing the dishes. Kitchens also have a separate room as fridge to store the food and food preparing materials. They also have a stock room for supplies and changing room for chef, servers and other kitchen staff.
  • The dishwashing section is in a separate area of the kitchen so that it would not get interrupted with cooking processes.
  • The dishwasher in the kitchen is different than the rooms. These pipes are linked to the water hose and flush out the water in high pressure to clean the dishes. There is a box where the dishwashing liquid goes in there. There are trays to organize and put the dishes in. Prior to putting the dishes In the tray you rinse it with the pressure water faucet, then you put it in the tray. Put the cutlery in the designated box and put it in the tray and move the tray in the washing machine and turn it on. The cleaned tray with dishes and cutlery will come out of the other end of the machine and you can then put the cleaned dishes and cutlery in their designated areas.
  • There are different machines for each section such as ice machine for your use in drinks and for the use of the chef.
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