10- Laundry

10 : 84%
  • Laundry attendant duties are to clean and deliver sufficient number of linens, towels and sheets to all rooms when required. 
  • You will divide and sort the linen. You will load different types of towels, sheets into the designated washing machines. For example, towels are put into a separate machine and bed sheets are put into another machine. Make sure to shake the linen before putting in the machine to make sure nothing is wrapped in them. Put required amount of cleaning material into the washing machine. Follow direction on the washing machine, put the towels in towel wash option and turn in on. 
  • Once the washing machine completes one cycle you have to empty the washing machine and put the cleaned linen, towels and sheets in the designated baskets. 
  • Afterwards, all washed linen, sheets and towels will be loaded in a separate dryer. Follow the instructions on the dryer for the different sheets and turn them on. 
  • After the sheets and linen are dried, you should fold them and put them in their designated areas. Inspect for any stains or tear in the linen and set them aside in a separate basket and inform your supervisor. Note the total number of items in your count sheet on daily basis. 
  • Different hotel uses different folding patterns for their towels and linen. Fold all the towels and linen according to the standard of the brand before placing them in their designated cabins. 
  • Each cabin has the name printed on them for different types of linen. For example, king size bed sheets have a separate cabin and queen size bed sheets have a separate cabin. Bed sheets have color coded sewing on them for easy identification.  
  • While folding the bed sheets and other linen, labels should be inside. 
  • Make sure you clean and tidy the laundry area to avoid any incident, injury, or crowded laundry room. All material and supplies should be organized in their designated areas and when necessary, re-stocking of the supplies should be conducted. 
  • You may also clean the laundry cart and room attendant carts before loading them with new linen and sheets. You may be asked to wash the glasses and cups from the room. 
  • Guests may call the laundry for their laundry requests; you should take and note down the requests and follow up with them once their request is completed. 
  • Sometimes you may deliver the laundry to the guests by your self. 
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