11- Pool and Gym

11 : 92%
  1. Major hotels have pool and gym areas. Pools are usually located on the ground floor or basement; some hotels have pools on other floors depending on the type of the hotel.
  2. The pool area needs to be cleaned when it is not occupied by the guests. All surrounding surfaces of the pool should be cleaned and should be dry. All used towels should be replaced with new towels and used towels to be moved to the laundry area. All wet floors around the pool should be dry.
  3. Gym areas also require daily cleaning when guests are not using them. The used towel in the gym needs to be changed and new clean towels should be placed in the designated cabins.
  4. This area is the breakfast kitchen of the hotel. Morning breakfast and buffet service are provided in this level. The food preparation kitchen will be next to the breakfast and buffet service area.
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