4 – Houseman duties

4 : 42%
  1. The houseman duties require him to maintain cleanliness of the hotel corridors, public areas, stair ways, lifts and his area of work changes depending on the priorities of the hotel. 
  2. Houseman will supply the necessary material such as towels, room supplies and sheets to the housekeeper cart throughout the day. He/she will deliver the dirty towels and linen to the laundry for washing and cleaning. Moreover, emptying the trash from the housekeeper cart is the responsibility of the houseman. 
  3. You may as well deliver items based on guest request to the rooms including irons, hair dryer, additional bed or crib, iron table, room supplies or other product request from the guests. 
  4. You will also collect the used towels from the gym and pool areas and place clean and new towels in those designated areas for guests use. Also tiding and cleaning the gym equipment (based on the provided instructions) and pool area is part of the houseman duties. 
  5. Clean corridors if there are any items or garbage on the floor and clean all trash cans in the corridors and in the hotel property and replace them with new garbage bags. 
  6. Clean the elevators, the doors and inside of the elevators. Clean the elevator door and inside with a damp cloth and disinfectant if required. 
  7. Clean and vacuum the corridors, the stairs, lamps, light switches in the corridor, fire extinguisher boxes, corridor windows and air conditions. Also, you may use other cleaning material when required to wash and clean and dry the corridors. 
  8. Cleaning of the lobby and washroom areas should be done twice in a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon with a mop. You will have a cleaning cart for houseman where you will have all your maps, cloth, gloves and cleaning material for use during your shifts. You will also have wet floor signs in your cart for use when mopping the floors. 
  9. Clean all the lobby furniture with damp cloth. If guests are present in the lobby, approach and clean with attention so that guests are not bothered in any way. 
  10. You may turn the bed mattress when requested by your supervisor. Normally hotels turn the bed mattress three to four times a year. 
  11. Clean hotel entry doors, windows, walls and organize and deliver supplies to housekeeper carts and organize supply room. Inform your supervisor if any supply material needs re-stocking. 
  12. You will monitor the hallways, lobby, gym, pool and other public areas for any damages, missing items or required maintenance and report to your supervisor. If you find any items left behind by guests, you will inform your supervisor and return the item to lost and found desk.
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