6- Cleaning bathroom

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  • While cleaning the bathroom, you need to be pay extra attention to sanitation. Make sure you don’t bring any dirt or hair with your shoes to the washroom. Place a towel on the floor of the bath area and stand on it while cleaning the bathroom.
  • Spray the glass cleaning material on the bathroom glass and clean from top to bottom with your glass wiper. Clean both sides of the bathroom glass. Make sure no stains or water spots are visible on the glass surface.
  • Use the cloth designated for cleaning stainless steel. Use the designated cleaning detergent and spray on the handle, shower tap and any other stainless steel in the shower area. Make sure to clean the shower itself.
  • Use your mirror cleaning detergent to spray on the mirror and clean it with the glass wiper, top to bottom.
  • Use your designated cleaning detergent, spray on the cleaning cloth, and clean the glass cover on the light in the washroom. Clean any other stainless steel in the washroom using the designated cloth and cleaning detergent as shown in the video.
  • Make sure the equipment in the washroom is working properly and clean them with the designated detergent and cleaning cloth. Clean it thoroughly. Place them inside the bag, close it and make sure to clean the bag as well.
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