7- Cleaning Suite – Checkout room

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Cleaning the suite is same as cleaning the standard room except that this room has a kitchen, and it also needs to be cleaned. These rooms are allocated 45 minutes or more if they are bigger.

  • Prior to entering the room, put on your gloves and knock on the door 3 times and say “Housekeeping”. If the guest was not in the rooms, then you can proceed and open the room with your master key and say housekeeping one more time before entering the room. If guest was in the room, ask them politely to leave the room for the period of cleaning the room. Keep the room door opened at all times, use the door wedges to keep the door open and never close the room door when you are cleaning.
  • You should put your cleaning cart in front of the room and do not take it with you inside the room. This also indicates to anyone from outside that this room is under cleaning, and they will not come inside the room.
  • Open the room curtains to ensure proper illumination in the room. Turn on all the lights in the room.
  • Check the fridge in the kitchen section and make sure there is no food, or any other item left in the fridge. If there are any items take them out and place them in your garbage bag. Clean the fridge with the designated cloth and cleaning material if required.
  • Check the dishwashing machine. Also check the microwave and make sure there is nothing left inside. Inspect all cupboards, drawers and make sure nothing is missing. If anything was missing or broken report it to your supervisor so that it is replaced with new one before the guest arrives.
  • In the checkout rooms, check all areas including closet and drawers of the room for any items left behind by the guest, if any item found, place them in a sealed bag, put your name, room number, date and time and report it to your supervisor.
  • Different garbage bags are used to store bottles and other garbage in the hotels. Remove the garbage from the room and empty bottles. Do not remove bottles that are not completely empty. Put all garbage in your garbage bag. Empty the room dustbin and its garbage bag into your garbage cart and install new garbage bag in the room dustbin. Sanitize the trash can inside and out with sanitizing spray.
  • In bigger rooms and suites sometimes, you will be working with a co-worker, and you will divide the tasks between you selves. You may clean the kitchen and your co-worker will strip the beds and linen and make the bed. And later you may clean the washroom and your co-worker may clean other surfaces of the room and vacuum clean the carpet.
  • Make sure to use different cleaning cloths for different surfaces. Put the dirty dishes in the dishwashing machine first and turn it on. It will be finished by the time you are done cleaning the room and you can put the dished and glasses back in their place.
  • Clean the fridge with the designated cloth. Spray the cleaning material and clean the surfaces in the kitchen and the sink. Make sure no stains or spots are left behind. Don’t forget to clean the top of the fridge and the cupboard doors. Clean the stove and the coffee maker. Empty the coffee maker if is full first and then proceed to cleaning it. Clean the dishwasher and inside of the drawers as well.
  • While cleaning the microwave, make sure to take the glass plate out and then clean the inside and the glass plate later. Put it back in the microwave with caution.
  • You will proceed to cleaning the washroom as per instructions in other lessons. You can watch this video to refresh your learning. (remove the washroom video)
  • You should put the kitchen towel and other supplies in their designated areas in the kitchen and restock the supplies if necessary. (Kitchen video to be finished and then washroom to start) don’t mix both of them.
  • While cleaning the rooms make sure to check you time so that you know you are on time, if you are running late, you should ask your supervisor to help you with cleaning. This is to ensure the rooms are ready for the new guests on time and they are not delayed waiting in the lobby.
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