Housekeeping Course

Application Inside Canada

Application Outside Canada

Course Information

Application Inside Canada: CAD 985 +HST
Application Outside Canada: CAD 1,200 +HST
Hours: 40 hours     Location: Online


1. Nancy hospitality certificate

2. Smart serve Certificate

This certificate provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices involved in housekeeping, such as cleaning techniques, laundry management, safety and sanitation, inventory management, and guest relations. Many top hotels, resorts, and hospitality-related businesses consider this certificate as an acceptable credential when hiring housekeeping staff. Individuals who hold this certificate are considered to be well-versed in the latest housekeeping practices, making them valuable assets to any hospitality establishment. Additionally, individuals with a housekeeping certificate have the opportunity to start their own housekeeping business or work with major hotel brands. The skills and knowledge gained from this certificate can help individuals to excel in their careers and achieve success in the hospitality industry.

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